2017 Advocacy Toolkit

Legislator Leave-Behind

Download this two-sided document that summarizes the economic importance of tourism and provides information about tourism funding.  This is designed for use as a leave-behind for legislators.

Tourism Info Graph

Tourism info graph for use in developing signage, posters and other material to convey the importance of Kentucky tourism.

KTIA 2017 Legislative Agenda

KTIA's five legislative priority position statements.

Legislative Agenda Background and Talking Points

This document for member use does a deeper dive into KTIA's legislative agenda.

SB 221 Summary and Position

This bill seeks to fundamentally alter the restaurant tax and this document analyzes the bill and provides information about KTIA's opposition to it.

HB 441 Summary and Position

This bill would limit the application of local and state transient room tax to stays of 30 days or less.  This document reviews the bill and KTIA's opposition to it.