2018 Legislative Agenda 

As the representative organization of the state’s travel and tourism industry, KTIA advocates positions on issues that promote tourism, increase the industry’s marketing and operational capacity, and enhance visitor experiences. Please contact the KTIA offices at 502.223.8687 or email Hank Phillips if you have any questions or need additional information.

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Tourism Funding

Tourism generates immense economic activity, state and local tax revenue, and an enormous number and variety of jobs throughout all Kentucky regions. The industry produces a tremendous ROI with restricted marketing funds from local transient room taxes and a 1% statewide transient room tax, the only source of marketing funds for the Kentucky Department of Tourism.  Those results are achieved while being at a disadvantage relative to competing states’ funding levels.  Additionally, despite the absence in small cities of a large number of hotels from which to generate adequate transient room tax funds, a fully tourism-dedicated restaurant tax in those cities enables their tourism commissions to be important drivers of the local economy. 

  • In order to maintain tourism as a premier driver of Kentucky’s economy there cannot be a reduction, re-direction or repurposing of the 1% statewide transient room tax, local transient room tax or restaurant tax. 
  • As the sole promoter of Kentucky tourism to U.S. and international markets, the Kentucky Department of Tourism must have sufficient General Fund monies to support its operations. 
  • We support efforts for additional investment in tourism marketing and development.

Level Lodging Playing Field 

We support and endorse an equal and level playing field among all forms of short-term lodging and accommodations in Kentucky. The “shared economy” presents new challenges and opportunities, and we support the enforcement of policies that ensure customer safety, enhance the visitor’s experience, and apply state and local revenue collection efforts uniformly, without stifling innovation and entrepreneurship.

(Note: The committee asked staff to continue researching the most feasible statewide approach that would result in Airbnb paying local transient room taxes.)

A Welcoming Kentucky

The Commonwealth should remain open and welcoming to all visitors.

Kentucky’s communities and its people are characterized by warm hospitality and a welcoming attitude. These attributes are a driving force in attracting a large and diverse array of visitors to Kentucky and the economic benefits that result from those visits.

Kentucky Film and Entertainment Industry Incentive Program 

We support the use of film incentives to foster a strong Kentucky film industry and the increasing economic activity and jobs that will result from a growing film industry.  We also recognize that the use of tax policy as an economic development tool requires that the achievement of the program’s goals, including generating an appropriate return on investment, must be verified and documented.