Call for Nomination Recommendations to the 2019 Kentucky Travel Industry Association Hotel & Lodging Council


The KTIA Hotel & Lodging Council was formed in 2018 as a part of the merger of the Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association (KH&LA) into KTIA.  The Council’s purpose is to provide the Board of Directors and management team with hotel-related advice, ideas and feedback.   An interim Council was formed from the KH&LA Board with an understanding that starting in 2019 KTIA’s hotel members will elect Council members.

Council Structure

There will be nine elected seats on the Council.  The terms will be three years, although the 2019 terms will be staggered with three having three year terms, three with two year terms, and three with one year terms.  The staggering will result in three seats being open for election each year.

Recommendations from Hotel Members

Utilizing this form, hotel members are encouraged to submit a name or names of KTIA hoteliers for consideration for nomination by a committee made up of current Council members. You may submit your own name.  Please give consideration to individuals who can devote sufficient time to the work of the Council, which will meet twice each year, respond to various email inquiries and possibly hold a few conference calls over the course of a year.  Consideration should also include the individual’s knowledge of hotel needs, issues and opportunities.

Deadline Extension: February 8, 2019

2019 Hotel & Lodging Council Nominations Recommendations Form