Call for Nomination Recommendations to the 2024 Kentucky Travel Industry Association Hotel & Lodging Council

Council Background & Election Process

The KTIA Hotel & Lodging Council was formed as a part of the 2018 merger of the Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association (KH&LA) into KTIA. The Council’s purpose is to provide the Board of Directors and management team with hotel-related advice, information and feedback. KTIA’s hotel members elect the Council’s members and the Council’s chairperson, who is selected by Council members, holds a seat on the KTIA Board of Directors.  
There are nine Council members, each with three-year terms. Three seats open for election each year. Following this solicitation of recommendations, the Council’s nominating committee will nominate three hoteliers from those recommended. Hotel members will vote on the nominees via email. Voters are the KTIA primary contact as designated by the member hotel.

Recommendations for Nomination

Using the form below, hotel members are encouraged to submit a name or names of KTIA hoteliers for consideration for nomination. Note that you may submit your own name.
In addition to providing the specific information requested on the form, use the Qualifications section to briefly describe why the person you are recommending should be considered for service on the Council. Those considerations include a depth of knowledge about hotel needs, issues and opportunities, and someone who can devote sufficient time to the work of the Council, which will meet approximately two times per year (in person or virtual), respond to management team requests for information and advice, and participate in conference calls as needed.  
2024 Nomination Recommendation Form

Submission & Deadline

Recommendations must be received no later than Monday, July 8, by 6:00 p.m. EDT. Email the completed form(s) to [email protected].


Any questions, including confirming if an individual is a KTIA member, may be sent to Hank Phillips at [email protected].