Advocacy, promoting the issues and protecting the interests of Kentucky’s $13.8 billion travel and tourism industry, is one of KTIA’s most important member services. The process for developing our annual legislative agenda takes a comprehensive approach in analyzing issues that are critical to the industry’s wellbeing and vitality. Input is sought from members from all industry sectors and the agenda is developed in consultation with our MML&K lobbying team, Legislative Committee and Board of Directors.

The association’s annual legislative event, Destination Frankfort, is an opportunity for members to gather to receive information about critical issues, to hear from the state’s legislative and tourism leaders, and to hold meetings with legislators.  

Aggressive pursuit of the issues agenda and Destination Frankfort are just the tip of the KTIA advocacy iceberg. Other elements include KTIA meetings with legislators, committee testimony, weekly updates during the legislative session, and member alerts as needed. 

Get Involved

By far, the most important element in KTIA’s advocacy arsenal – the essential element – is direct hands-on involvement by members. No amount of effort by an association’s management team, volunteer leaders and lobbyists will compensate for a lack of member involvement and KTIA works very hard to inform and assist members in becoming involved and active advocates. How can you get involved? See below.
  • Communicate with your legislators year round (click here to contact your legislator)
  • Participate in our annual legislative event, Destination Frankfort 
  • Follow advocacy news updates in our newsletters and on the website 


Contact Hank Phillips to learn more about KTIA's advocacy efforts and how you can get involved.