KTIA celebrates the hard work, dedication and many contributions of our members through awards that are presented each year at the Kentucky Travel Industry Annual Conference. 

Mangeot-Oaken Distinguished Service Award

The Mangeot-Oaken Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor given by Kentucky’s travel & tourism industry and is tantamount to a career ‘lifetime achievement award.’ The award is named for Daniel Mangeot and Mary Ray Oaken, industry icons whose commitment and leadership set the stage and the example for tourism leaders who came after them.

Past recipients are individuals who have dedicated their professional careers to developing, promoting, protecting, and serving Kentucky's travel & tourism industry. Although past recipients are as varied as is the industry, this group shares the common characteristics of being leaders and possessing a deep dedication to "Making Tourism Work for Kentucky."

Member of the Year

Each year the Kentucky travel industry encounters a variety of challenges and opportunities; and KTIA honors a member who provided exemplary service and leadership to the industry and association over the course of the year.

Emerging Leader

This award honors a new member who, in a relatively short time, has made an impact with KTIA as well as his or her employer and local industry. 

Stars of the Industry

Among the most vital contributors to a visitor’s experience and satisfaction are the frontline professionals they encounter during their trip. These professionals are also essential to their employers’ success and that of the overall Kentucky travel industry. To acknowledge the essential nature of the frontline travel and tourism services provided by thousands of Kentuckians, KTIA recognizes five individuals each year who have demonstrated exceptional frontline service.