2022 Legislative Agenda

As the representative organization of the state’s travel and tourism industry, KTIA advocates positions on issues that promote tourism, increase the industry’s marketing and operational capacity, and enhance visitor experiences. Each year in consultation with all sectors of Kentucky’s tourism industry, KTIA establishes an agenda of issues and positions for the upcoming legislative session.

Development of the agenda for the 2022 session is in progress. Please contact the KTIA offices at 502.223.8687 or email Hank Phillips if you have any questions or need additional information.

2021 Legislative Agenda 

Below is the legislative agenda KTIA pursued during the 2021 session of the General Assembly.

Downloadable 2021 Agenda


Transient Room Tax

In order to maintain tourism as a premier driver of Kentucky’s economy and to support it in its recovery from the COVID economic crisis, there cannot be a reduction, re-direction or repurposing of the 1% statewide transient room tax or local transient room tax and we support any efforts for additional investment in tourism marketing and development including the enhancements noted below.

1% statewide transient room tax:

There can be no “sweeping” of those funds.

Local and 1% transient room tax enhancement: 

  • Expand to include campgrounds.
  • Provide for full collection from short term rental companies on behalf of local hosts.

Restaurant Tax 

The tourism industry supports the expansion to all cities of the eligibility to enact a restaurant tax if that expansion preserves current restaurant tax requirements in those cities that have previously enacted it and if a reasonable portion of the monies from the tax in newly eligible cities are dedicated to the city’s tourist commission.

Small Business Relief

Should the General Assembly decide to fund a small business relief program, please ensure it includes assistance for tourism industry businesses. No type of tourism business has been spared from being critically hurt during the pandemic.


Provide temporary and immediate safe harbor for businesses and events that follow proper health and safety guidelines and take steps to protect struggling businesses against frivolous lawsuits and abusive litigation.


We support the use of film incentives to foster a strong Kentucky film industry and the increasing economic activity and jobs that result from a growing film industry. Specifically, the refundability of the program’s tax credits should be restored.


The Commonwealth should remain open and welcoming to all visitors. Kentucky’s communities and its people are characterized by warm hospitality and a welcoming attitude. These attributes are a driving force in attracting a large and diverse array of visitors to Kentucky and the economic benefits that result from those visits.


With bourbon experiences among Kentucky’s most iconic visitor attractions, KTIA joins with the Kentucky Distillers’ Association in efforts to enhance those experiences and to strengthen the bourbon industry’s ability to provide them. 

Take Home Cocktails 

The pandemic related allowance of take home cocktails (carryout/delivery) should be enacted on a permanent basis.


Historical Racing

We support legislation that remedies the Kentucky Supreme Court ruling that bans historical racing.

Sports Wagering

We support the legalization of sports wagering in Kentucky due to its positive revenue impact and increased visitation to Kentucky it will generate.

Expanded Gaming

We support a constitutional amendment to legalize casino gaming.


We support legislation that continues to more fully and effectively addresses human trafficking.