Membership Rates
Membership rates are categorized into six basic groups of single memberships, attractions, industry suppliers, hotels/restaurants, commissions and government agencies. Rates for each group are assessed based upon the size of the business or level of interest. If you have any questions about joining KTIA our management team is happy to answer them! Please contact Katherine Bowman or call 502.223.8687 with any questions.
For KTIA members who wish to renew their membership through 2024, please click the form below. If your organization's structure has changed since last year, please contact Katherine Bowman to confirm your new membership category.
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New Memberships

If you are interested in joining KTIA, please review the membership categories below to determine your KTIA dues. Click the application form to apply for membership and contact Sarah Brock with any questions.


$85 One individual or student not associated with a business.
$155 Representative from a city/county government, festival, educational institution, matching funds regions or extension service.
$175 Area development district, chamber of commerce, economic development agency, travel agency, tour operator or rental agency.


Single Membership Application


$160 Attraction with 4 or less full-time paid staff.
$240 Attraction with 5 to 10 full-time paid staff.
$315 Attraction with more than 10 full-time paid staff. 


Attractions Membership Application


$465 Supplier who provides products or services to the travel industry, media representatives, and advertising/public relation agencies.


Industry Supplier Membership Application


$165 Individual hotel/restaurant with 99 rooms/seats or less.
$215 Individual hotel/restaurant with 100-149 rooms/seats.
$245 Individual hotel with 150-249 rooms.
$245 Individual restaurant with more than 150 seats.
$2.15/room Individual hotel with more than 250 rooms.
$215 Property management company (memberships for non-hotel employees).
Hotels/Restaurants Membership Application


$165 No paid staff.
$270 1 full-time employee.
$545 2 to 4 full-time employees.
$900 5 to 6 full-time employees.
$1,205 7 to 9 full-time employees.
$1,800 10 or more full-time employees.


Commissions, Coalitions & Association Membership Application


$690 State government agency.


State Government Membership Application

Please Note: Affiliate memberships can be extended to full-time employees or board members of each business or commission without additional cost. Affiliate memberships cannot be applied to the Single Membership group.


Contributions or gifts to the Kentucky Travel Industry Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. They may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses but are subject to federal restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities.Per IRS Code 6033(e), an estimated 17.5% of your dues are allocated to lobbying or political action and are NOT deductible as a business expense.