Destination Frankfort '20 - Newcomers Guide

OK, so you’ve never attended KTIA’s legislative event, Destination Frankfort. Let’s start with this:  you are forgiven. Now, let’s move on to the reasons we hear from people who haven’t previously attended: 

1.  We are a small organization and I can’t be away from the office. 

Response: Destination Frankfort is one of the most crucial and important KTIA events and if all of us aren’t engaged as advocates, your organization could become even smaller. So record and type your out of office messages and head to Frankfort! 

2.  I don’t like politics and government issues. 

Response: Politics and government issues are part of everyone’s reality – both in your life and in your job – and during a time of uncertainty, it is critical that we have a voice behind our issues.  Plus, in these days who does like politics and government?   

3.  Other KTIA members will attend, so I don’t need to.  

Response: Actually, we don’t hear this one admitted to out loud, but we’re guessing it’s the number one reason for a lot of non-attendees. Every voice counts and the more advocates we have, the stronger we are as a unified front. Believe us when we say, we need you and your presence is important. 

4.  I know its important, but I’m not sure I understand the issues and I’m not comfortable talking to legislators.  

Response: We get this one and can help. Read on for more information and remember, we are always just a phone call away to answer your questions and to explain things more in depth if needed.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The issues we will be dealing with aren’t terribly complex. Click here to see KTIA’s legislative agenda. We will be providing talking points and will be discussing the issues and taking questions on the first day of the event. You will be fully prepared for and comfortable with conversations with legislators. We promise!
  • Talking to legislators is not a big deal. Remember, they are in the business of listening. Also, if you would like to team with another industry professional let us know and we will try to coordinate that.
  • If you want assistance in scheduling a meeting with a legislator, just let us know and we will help.
  • Destination Frankfort is not just about talking to legislators. You will hear presentations from legislators and state officials and gain valuable knowledge and information well beyond the specific issues that KTIA is addressing.
  • It is also a fun event with ample opportunities for networking with peers and a very nice reception hosted by the Frankfort CVB. 

Destination Frankfort is important and we hope you will make every effort to attend.  If you have any questions at all or if we can be of any assistance, contact Hank Phillips or Sarah Brock.