KTIA Members have the opportunity to "gift" a membership to a travel industry partner. KTIA's dues levels are as low as $145, so the cost is far less than the appreciation you will receive from both your partner and KTIA and the value that the recipient will receive from your gift. Here's how the "Gifting KTIA" initiative works: 

  1. Decide on an organization or business you would like to receive your gift. That decision is totally up to you. Click here to review membership categories and dues amounts. Any category is eligible to receive your gift. In deciding on a recipient, you might want to consider a travel industry business or organization that:  a. is making important contributions to the local economy and industry; b. has been especially supportive of your organization; c. and/or if it experiences KTIA will become more engaged in the industry. We certainly would not object if you would like to give more than one gift!
  2. Download the gift notification designed by KTIA, add your organization's logo and name and send it to your recipient. Click here for the notification. If you prefer a different method of notifying the recipient, that is totally acceptable.
  3. Immediately inform KTIA that you have made your gift and provide the recipient's contact information. Your Gifting KTIA contact is Sarah Brock, Program Director.
  4. KTIA will follow up and welcome your recipient to the association and forward the dues invoice to you.  It is not unusual for an association to ask its members to assist in recruiting new members. Those requests can require a level of time and effort that many members find difficult to provide and the overall results often fall short for that reason. Although the Gifting KTIA initiative carries with it a cost to you, its beauty lies in the ease with which you can assist and the goodwill you will foster by giving an unexpected gift to a valued partner.

If you have any questions, please email Hank Phillips or call 502.223.8687. Thank you for considering Gifting KTIA!