KTIA Hotel Members Encouraged to Support Attorney General’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

Attorney General Andy Beshear has released a video “See Something - Say Something - Save a Life!" for use by hotels for training front line employees about human trafficking. The video includes information about indications that human trafficking is occurring at a property and what to do when those indications are observed. Additional training materials are available at no cost from Free2Hope. Click here to access the materials.

KTIA staff and officers, along with the Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association, have worked for several months with the Attorney General on this initiative and have come to understand the following:

  • Human trafficking is tantamount to slavery and is a prevalent problem, including in Kentucky.
  • The trafficking primarily invoices the sex trade, but can also relate to labor.
  • Unknowingly and innocently being victimized as a venue for human trafficking is not a negative reflection on the venue.
  • There are signs to watch for and there are responses to law enforcement that can be taken.
  • A few minutes of employee training could save a life.

Please use the video and the other materials to familiarize your current and new front line employees about this practiceThe Attorney General’s Office is asking that hotels and others in our industry sign on to a pledge to conduct the training in order to receive recognition for your efforts and as a means of generating momentum across the state. You can do so, by clicking here.