Kentucky Monthly Magazine Benefits

Signature Festivals & Events

The Kentucky Travel Industry Association and Kentucky Monthly magazine are proud to recognize outstanding festivals & events held in Kentucky throughout the year.  Each season 10 submissions will be included in the magazine’s print version and all submissions will be posted on Kentucky Monthly’s website. Email your 100 word description to Linda Young and be sure to keep track of the nomination deadlines in order to have your festival & events recognized. The submission deadlines for each season are:

Spring (March, April, May): January 17
Summer (June, July, August): March 9
Fall (September, October, Mid-November): July 9
Winter/Holiday (Mid-November, December, January, February): September 9

Other Kentucky Monthly Magazine Benefits

Kentucky Monthly has graciously agreed to provide the following benefits to KTIA members:
  • Calendar Listings - Any KTIA member who advertises in Kentucky Monthly will receive 10 additional calendar listings ($500 value) as a bonus to their contract.  There is no minimum.  (This benefit cannot be applied to existing contracts.)
  • Hotels/Lodging Facilities - KTIA member hotels/lodging facilities can receive complimentary magazines for their properties.
  • Free Subscription - KTIA members may call and request a free one-year subscription to Kentucky Monthly.
  • Free Shipping - Any member of the KTIA can receive free shipping on any Kentucky Monthly merchandise purchase.

To make arrangements for any of these benefits, contact Kentucky Monthly at (502) 227-0053 or 1-888-329-0053.