Beginning in July 2020, the Kentucky Travel Industry Association (KTIA) undertook a strategic planning process with the goal of developing a plan consisting of multiple recommendations to contribute to the recovery of Kentucky’s travel & tourism industry from the COVID economic crisis. The Recovery Actions for Tourism (RAFT) plan, is a result of that effort.

This Kentucky-focused plan is intended to serve as the framework for an industry-wide recovery. Recovery will be a multi-year process and given the uncertain future, the plan was designed to be flexible and will be an ongoing work in progress. KTIA will closely monitor developments and update the recovery plan accordingly.

Recommendations contained in the RAFT plan are organized into four broad, thematic categories:

  1. Industry Sustainability
  2. Traveler Confidence & Demand
  3. Response Marketing
  4. Adaptation & Innovation

To access the entire plan as well as an Executive Summary, click below.

RAFT Plan (February 2021)
RAFT Executive Summary (February 2021)