Important changes in Kentucky's local and statewide transient room taxes were made during the 2022 session of the Kentucky General Assembly with the passage of House Bill 8, which takes effect on January 1, 2023. Among those changes is the required payment of local transient room taxes by short-term rental platforms and other accommodations facilitators and by certain other lodging providers. 

Documents below are provided here to inform and assist stakeholders in complying with the new requirements.

Local Transient Room Tax Listings & Information

KTIA produced this document through extensive surveying of local tourism commissions and other sources to provide key information about the local transient room taxes that have been enacted in various jurisdictions.

Local Transient Room Tax Listings & Information

Transient Room Tax Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

KTIA in coordination with the Kentucky Association of Convention & Visitors Bureau (KACVB) has produced an FAQ that is designed to provide information to stakeholders concerning the statewide and local transient room tax provisions contained in House Bill 8. Some of the questions address information that is not directly tied to House Bill 8 changes, but that are offered to assist accommodations newly required by the legislation to pay the taxes. 

Transient Room Tax FAQ

KTIA/Avalara Webinar 

Avalara is a major national company that processes tax payments for their client businesses, some of which are businesses that will be paying local transient room taxes.

Below is a link to the Avalara webinar that took place on Thursday, December 15. During the webinar Avalara officials explain their payment processes and provide other helpful information. The passcode to access the recording is *GwGLDc6.

The second link provides responses to questions for which there was insufficient time to answer during the webinar.

Avalara Webinar
Additional Webinar Q&A