2022 Traverse Award Submission Instructions

There is no limit to the number of entries a member can submit and entries may be submitted by industry organizations, advertising agencies, or by other communication firms. However, entries must be submitted in the name of the KTIA member and organization for whom the work was produced. See below for detailed entry submission instructions, forms, divisions and categories.

  1. Determine your Division (see below for a list of Divisions).
  2. Complete an Official Entry Form for each entry you wish to submit and gather all corresponding documents/images relevant to the entry you want the judges to view.
  3. Once you have determined how many entries you wish to submit, complete a Summary of Entries form which includes ALL of the Traverse Awards entries you are submitting.
  4. Select a file sharing site to upload your entry forms and images. (Note that all entries MUST be submitted electronically through a file sharing site such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Dropbox is preferred.)
  5. Create a main folder to house all of your entry forms and images and label that folder with your Organization Name and Division.
  6. Within your main folder, upload your Summary of Entries form and label it with your Organization Name and Division.
  7. Within your main folder, create separate folders for each individual entry to include the Official Entry Form (to be labeled with your Organization Name, Entry Name and the Form Name) and High-Resolution image(s) of your entry. Label each subfolder with the Category Number and Name (for example: Category 1. Print Advertising)
  8. Your folders should follow this example: Your Organization Name and Division > Category 1 (Category Name); Category 2 (Category Name); and so on.
  9. Send a link to your electronic submissions to both Jeff Warnecke and Sarah Brock. You will receive confirmation that your submissions were received.

Other important details to note when submitting your entries: 

  • TV spots and video should be delivered in the highest possible format. Radio spots should be delivered as an aiff, wave or mp3 file type.
  • Label each photo file with your Organization Name and Entry Name
  • If you have any questions, such as if you are unsure of which category your entry should go in, please contact Jeff Warnecke at [email protected] or by phone at 502.223.8687.


Each submitter must complete a Summary of Entries Form to record all entries that have been submitted by the organization. An Official Entry Form must also be completed for each individual submission. Note that if you did not have a budget for the project, please leave the “Project Budget” line blank.


Divisions and Categories


a)    DMO with a total annual budget of less than $400,000
b)    DMO with a total annual budget between $400,000 – $750,000
c)    DMO with a total annual budget of over $750,000
d)    Festival, Event or Attraction
e)    Lodging or Restaurant


1) CATEGORY 1Community Support & Engagement

  • Entries in this category can include single or multiple initiatives to assist the community and/or the local industry.

2) CATEGORY 2: Digital 

  • Digital Advertising, social media, e-blasts, etc.

3) CATEGORY 3: Experience Development

  • Development of new or enhanced destination visitor experiences and can include new festivals and events and new or enhanced experiences at an existing attraction, hotel or restaurant. Does not Include capital development such as new construction or major renovation of attractions, hotels or restaurants.

4) CATEGORY 4: Marketing Campaign

  • Must encompass two or more platforms i.e. TV with social media, outdoor with radio

5) CATEGORY 5Out-of-Home

  • Billboards, bus shelter, truck backs, etc.

6) CATEGORY 6: PR Initiative

7) CATEGORY 7Print Advertising & Printed Collateral

  • Newspaper, magazine, booklet, guide, annual report, group travel guide, meeting planner, visitors guide, rack brochure, event materials, etc.

8) CATEGORY 8Radio or TV Broadcast Advertising

9) CATEGORY 9Specialty Items

  • T-shirts, pins, buttons, etc.

9) CATEGORY 9Video

10) CATEGORY 10: Website


Q: Besides the Summary of Entries and Official Entry Form sheets, do I need to submit the actual item, a picture or the mock0up that goes with my entry?

A: Just include a photo of your item in a Dropbox. It can even be one that you take yourself. Just remember that this will be the image that judges will use during the review of your entry and is shown if you win an award.

Q: What if I want the judges to be able to feel the paper quality/texture, the fabric quality of the embossed printing of my entry? Should I send that item instead of a photo?

A: No, we still just need a photo, but do be sure to include any and all specific and special details about the item on your Official Entry Form.

Q: I’m including several copies of the same picture, but they were used in different ways (bookmark, poster, car wrap, magnet, coaster, on social media, etc.). Do they still need to be labeled individually?

A: Yes, please! The judges need to see just how many various ways you reached your audience.

Q: What if there weren’t quantifiable results for my project?

A: If there are no measurable results to show the impact of your project, simply explain the impact you saw from it. For example, if you sent out a holiday card and you received positive feedback from your clients or visits, be sure to include that.

Q: How do I submit a Social Media Campaign with multiple posts and/or platforms?

A: Screen capture all posts that are involved from the campaign. Include the date posted, the number of views, and the response rate. Please label the platform for each post and include all platforms the campaign expands (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.).

Checklist for Entry Submission

  1. Summary of Entries Form
  2. Official Entry Form (for each entry)
  3. High-res digital image of each entry
  4. All necessary materials that correspond to your entry to be judged
  5. Payment


Contact Jeff Warnecke at 502-223-8687.