Local Short Term Rental Property Identification Tools & More

A partnership between KTIA and Granicus provides KTIA members with a 15% discount on Granicus tools that will enable you to identify short term rental properties and communicate with hosts/owners. The partnership also provides for an additional 10% discount for other Granicus modules, including compliance monitoring and rental activity monitoring. These KTIA member discounts are also available to members’ local governments.

Links below are provided to a one-page summary of the KTIA-Granicus initiative and a listing and description of all Granicus short term rental modules.

Developing this partnership is an important element in KTIA’s continuing member support and advocacy to ensure short term rental industry compliance in the payment of transient room taxes. That support and advocacy is also intended to support a more level playing field for hotel members in relation to short term rentals.

Granicus is the global leader in customer engagement and experience technology and services for the public sector with comprehensive cloud-based solutions for short-term rental compliance, communications, government website design, records management, and digital services.

One-Pager: KTIA - Granicus Partnership
Granicus Short Term Rental Modules


  • HANK PHILLIPS, President/CEO, Kentucky Travel Industry Association | 502-223-8687 | [email protected]
  • BRUCE MCCASKILL, Account Executive, Granicus | 843-999-1023 | [email protected]