It is a cliché to say that our young professionals and students are the future of our industry, but it is also the truth. Because of the essential importance of that truth, KTIA offers information, guidance and encouragement from experienced tourism professionals to those in the early phase of their careers and to college students who have an interest in a tourism industry career. 

The KTIA Mentor Program structure and policies ensure beneficial engagement, but are limited enough to avoid unnecessary burdens and barriers for both mentors and mentees. The program also provides choice – options in the type and degree of mentor and mentee interaction – and ease of program entry and exit. Trust is another important aspect of the program, and for that reason mentor-mentee interaction is confidential.

Types of Mentorships

Ongoing Mentorship

When a mentee is seeking an ongoing relationship with a mentor. These relationships can be used for career advice, industry information, workplace advice and general feedback from the mentor.  

Incidental Contacts

When a young professional or student is only seeking information or advice with a specific question or situation and contacts a mentor for that purpose. Contacts can be made by phone or email.

Getting Started


Experienced industry professionals (10 years or more of industry experience preferred) are encouraged to enlist as mentors by completing a Mentor Profile Form. Click here for the form. This information is posted and available to mentees to use in requesting a mentorship or to ask incidental questions, make requests for advice, etc.


Use the profiles to select and to make a request to establish an Ongoing Mentorship or to identify and contact those mentors available for Incidental Contact questions, requests for advice, etc. 

View Mentor Profiles

Roles, Responsibilities & Advice


  • Mentees are not required to register or otherwise inform KTIA of their participation.
  • Mentees have the responsibility of locating a mentor and making initial contact. KTIA is available for assistance.
  • Mentors may withdraw from the program or revise their form or degree of involvement at any time. However, ending an Ongoing Mentorship prematurely should be done only for a compelling reason.

Ongoing Mentorship

  • These relationships must be predicated on mutual respect and shared accountability for their success. The mentor and mentee are encouraged to discuss and agree on expectations and the form and frequency of contacts. The two are encouraged to put these understandings in writing. This doesn’t need to be a formalized agreement. A simple emailed recap of basic points that have been discussed and agreed upon is sufficient.
  • Mentors and mentees should consider establishing an initial trial period for the mentorship.  This will provide both parties with a specific point in time to discuss the mentorship, make any necessary adjustments and provide a comfortable opportunity for either to end the mentorship.
  • The form of communication may be by email, phone and/or in person. Although the frequency of communication is at the discretion of the mentor and mentee, it is advisable that a regular schedule of “check-in” contacts be established. Also, in person contact is encouraged to the extent possible, including at KTIA conferences and other events.

Coming Attraction - Online Mentor Forum

In addition to Ongoing Mentorships and one-to-one Incidental Contacts, KTIA has plans to establish an Online Mentor Forum for use by young travel professionals and students to pose questions to the collective group of mentors and even to each other. This program element will be implemented after a sufficient number of mentors are in place to make it viable.

For questions or comments, please contact:

Sarah Brock, KTIA Program Director
[email protected] | 502.223.8687